Boron belongs to Group III-A of the periodic table and is the only nonmetal among the plant micronutrients. It has an atomic weight of 10.811, a melting point of 2,300°C, with specific gravity of crystals, 2.34. Boron has two stable isotopes in nature, 10B (18.98%) and 11B (81.02%). At room temperature, B is inert except to strong oxidizing agents, such as HNO3. When fused with oxidizing alkaline mixtures, such as NaOH and NaNO3, it forms borates. The only important oxide is boric oxide (B2O3), which is acidic, soluble in water, and forms boric acid B(OH)3, a very weak acid. In nature, B is fairly rare and occurs primarily as the borates of Ca and Na. Borax (Na2B4O7•10H2O) is the most common compound, along with boric or boracic acid. By far the most important source of B is the mineral kernite (Na2B4O7•4H2O), an evaporite deposit found in the Mojave desert of California. It almost always occurs in chemical combination with O2, as a borate, usually coordinated with three O atoms and occasionally with four. Boron, which has a constant oxidation number of III, never behaves as a cation.


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