• S. T. Treves
  • Robert L. Lebowitz
  • Alvin Kuruc
  • Sydney Heyman
  • Paul Rosen


Early diagnosis and treatment can lead to far less morbidity and mortality associated with abnormalities of the urinary tract in children. The precise incidence of congenital malformations of the urinary tract has not yet been established because systematic screening in early childhood has not been. done. With the increased utilization of ultrasonography in obstetrics a clearer idea of the incidence of renal disease in the prenatal and neonatal periods is being developed. While about 10% of all people are affected, many abnormalities are minor and have no clinical significance. Excluding polycystic kidneys, the incidence of major malformations has been estimated to be 4–7/1000.13 Collectively, congenital abnormalities account for about 45% of cases of chronic renal failure.26 The incidence of preexisting lesions has been reported to be 15–23% in children showing serious renal injury following relatively minor trauma.62 Associated anomalies of other organs are not uncommon, especially when the kidney is involved. Infections of the urinary tract affect 3–5% of all children. In the neonatal period males are more commonly affected, but after the age of 3 months, the female:male ratio becomes about 3:1.16


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