Revision of Recently Described Penicillium Taxa

  • Carlos Ramírez
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 102)


A list of recently described Penicillium taxa, ofwhich 13 are recognized as new taxa, illustrations of 9 of them and a Latin diagnosis to validate P. nordicum Dragoni & Cantoni are presented. The 13 recognized taxa are: P. chalybeum Pitt & Hocking, P. corynephorum Pitt & Hocking, P. flavido-stipitatum Ramírez & Gonzalez, P/ jusoslavicum Ramirez & MuntanolaCvetkovic, P. lapatayae Ramírez, P. mclennaniae Yip, P. mali Gorlenko & Novobranova, P. nordicum Dragoni & Cantoni ex Ramirez, P. patens Pitt & Hocking, P. radiato-lobatum Lorinczi, P. resinae Qi Tong., P. rubefasciens Quintanilla and P. turrispainensis Ramírez.


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