Mental Health of Migrants in Calcutta

  • Ajita Chakraborty


Mental health of people on the move whether as migrants or as refugees has been attracting increasing attention of psychiatrists in recent years. This is mainly because initial studies reported, adverse effects of migration, the difficulties of adaptation and cultural conflicts. However, more recent studies have shown that moving habitat does not necessarily produce increased mental morbidity. The factors involved in this problem are complex, but it is being gradually understood that the movement of people in large groups is a problem of human ecology. When a group of people move to a completely alient culture they attract a lot of attention, but internal migration, that is, moving within one’s own country, have not merited close scrutiny. Such migration may mean a rural to urban shift, but in a country like the subcontinent of India, it also means a cultural shift, which may include not only language, food and dress, but also facing and combating deregatory regional stereotypes. Hence such studies are important because they throw some light on the mechanics involved in the production of good or bad mental health in the process of migration. The following is a study of such an internal migration.


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  • Ajita Chakraborty
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  1. 1.Institue of Postgraduate Medical Education and ResearchCalcuttaIndia

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