Internalization of Insulin: Structures Involved and Significance

  • Barry I. Posner
  • Masood N. Kahn
  • John J. M. Bergeron
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 189)


The binding of insulin to its receptor is followed by aggregation of hormone-receptor complexes and their internalization into the cell. Internalized hormone is concentrated in Golgi-enriched not lysosomal endocytotic structures which, in rat liver, contain lipoprotein particles and can be resolved by centrifugation techniques into three different entities. Recent work has shown that the bulk of endocytotic structures can be resolved from biochemically defined (i.e., galactosyltransferase-containing) Golgi elements. The endosomal apparatus or endosomes appear to function as a sorting center wherein internalized hormone-receptor complexes are concentrated and dissociated prior to directing hormone to lysosomes and receptor back to the cell surface for reutilization. Endosomes are heterogeneous and different functions might be subserved by different endosomal structures. Since an insulin stimulable receptor kinase activity can be identified in endosomes certain aspects of insulin action might be initiated herein.


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