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Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases WHO Programme

  • Z. Pisa
  • K. Günther


The World Health Organization has concentrated in its cardiovascular disease activities specifically on those areas where international collaboration and coordination was essential. For that reason the area of epidemiology and prevention and control of different cardiovascular diseases became very soon much preferred field in all WHO activities. Starting with prevalence and incidence population surveys, preparation of teaching materials (among which “Cardiovascular Survey Methods: Methodology” by G. Rose and H. Blackburn (1968) was the most important publication) and intensive training program in epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular diseases were essential. Later, WHO has initiated in collaboration with many centers, aided by its trainees, more systematic epidemiological research to assess the extent of the program of cardiovascular diseases in different countries, both industrial and developing, as well as entered the field of intervention trials. The project on myocardial infarction as well as stroke community registers carried out in the early 70’s became the basis of presently formulated project on “The monitoring of the incidence and determinants of cardiovascular diseases in populations”.


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