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Heart Microcirculation

  • A. M. Chernukh


It is not by chance that our Symposium is dedicated to the peculiarities of the macro- and microcirculation in the heart work in normal and pathological conditions. The heart blood supply is a complex of mechanisms and it is provided by the coronary vessels, though the heart microcirculation is a subsystem of the general heart circulation. It is important to note, that the epicardium layers and the myocardium middle layers are supplied with the blood by other branches, as compared with the endocardium layers. The branches of the coronary vessels, entering the endocardium, ramify and form the anastomosing arcades, which interlace above the endocardium. Smaller arteries continue into the arterioles and capillaries and then venules, which gather in the veins. About 85% of the blood from the left coronary artery outflows from the myocardium into the coronary sinus and then into the right auricle. About 15% of the blood enters the right ventricle via Tebesia’s veins. The rest small portion of the blood outflows into the left ventricle. The blood outflowing from the right coronary artery and flowing through the capillaries, enters the right auricle and ventricle via the anterior cardiac veins.


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