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Clinical Trials with Antiaggregating Agents in Thrombosis

  • M. Verstraete


Many agents capable of interfering with normal platelet function in vitro have been described in recent years; most are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents. Not all these compounds have been shown to affect platelet aggregation and adhesiveness in experimental animals, but since animals do not develop spontaneous thrombosis, the relevance of such experiments to clinical medicine is rather tenuous. The only drugs suppressing platelet function that have been evaluated in clinical trials are aspirin, sulfinpyrazone, dipyridamole, hydroxychoroquine, Clofibrate, flurbiprofen, and lidocaine, all of which were originally used for other therapeutic purposes. Even today one still has a poor understanding of the relationship between some of their effects on platelets and a potential antithrombotic effect. It is even uncertain whether the latter property is due to their impact on platelets or to some other unknown mode of action.


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