nn̄ Oscillation Experiments

  • G. Fidecaro
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Phenomenology of neutron-antineutron oscillations has already been discussed several times [1]; in particular, it has been discussed at the previous Workshops on Grand Unification [2–4], so that only a few essential formulae will be recalled in this paper. Theory also will be skipped as several discussions have taken place or will take place in this Workshop. Thus, the main purpose of this paper will be to bring up to date the available indications on the oscillation time of free neutrons, which following Anderson [4] will be called hereinafter mixing time, and to review the status of the existing experiments and proposals, with particular attention to the Grenoble experiment [1,5], which is still the only one producing results. Some considerations will also be reported concerning future experiments to measure nn mixing time using free neutrons.


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