Multiple Integrals

  • Serge Lang
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Let [a, b] be a closed interval. We recall that a partition P on [a, b] is a finite sequence of numbers
$$ a = {c_0}\underline{\underline < } {c_1}\underline{\underline < } ...\underline{\underline < } {c_r} = b $$
between a and b, giving rise to closed subintervals [c i , c i +1]. This notion generalizes immediately to higher dimensional space. By a closed n-rectangle (or simply a rectangle) in R n we shall mean a product
$$ {J_1} \times ... \times {J_n} $$
of closed intervals J 1, ... , J n . An open rectangle is a product as above, where the intervals J i are open. We shall usually deal with closed rectangles in what follows, and so do not use the adjective “closed” unless we start dealing explicitly with other types of rectangles.


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