Inflammatory Diseases of the Ovary

  • Ancel Blaustein


Inflammatory lesions of the ovary occur largely in relationship to infection of the fallopian tube. The most common infecting agent is Neisseria gonococ-cus and the ovary is infected by contiguity. Oophoritis may follow endometrial curettage, cervical biopsy, or vaginal surgery, but this fortunately is a rare occurrence. The organisms in these cases are anaerobic and/or aerobic streptococci and entero-cocci and the pathway of infection is lymphatic or hematogenous. Occasionally, oophoritis may be related to colonic diverticulitis or acute appendicitis, but in these conditions the ovary is usually focally involved by its proximity to the bowel and then only superficially. It is interesting to observe that despite extensive adhesions between the fallopian tube and ovary, follicles and corpora lutea can still be seen in varying stages of development and regression. There are, of course, instances in which abscesses develop, destroying the whole ovary, but these appear to be infrequent.


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