Gastrointestinal Cancer

  • Jack Pickleman


A 66-year-old man with no prior history of illness gives a 7-month history of progressive dysphagia so that he now can swallow only liquids. An esophagogram is shown as Figure 7-1. An esophagoscopy reveals a midesophageal friable tumor, and a biopsy revealing squamous cell carcinoma is obtained. A chest X ray and a liver scan are normal. Treatment of this patient should consist of:
  1. A.


  2. B.

    Insertion of an internal stent.

  3. C.

    Esophagectomy with colon interposition.

  4. D.

    Esophagectomy with jejunal interposition.

  5. E.

    Esophagectomy with gastric interposition.



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