Bowel Obstruction

  • Jack Pickleman


A 73-year-old woman presents to the emergency room with a 4-day history of crampy abdominal pain, distention, and obstipation. Examination discloses a tympanitic abdomen with high-pitched bowel sounds and with no tenderness or peritoneal signs present. The temperature is 37.4°C and the white blood cell count is 6300 cells/mm3. Abdominal X rays and a barium enema are performed and are shown as Figures 5–1 and 5–2. Proctoscopy reveals a fungating neoplasm 22 cm from the anus. Treatment should consist of:
  1. A.

    Insertion of a rectal tube.

  2. B.


  3. C.

    Celiotomy, sigmoid resection, and anastomosis.

  4. D.

    Celiotomy, sigmoid resection, and end sigmoid colostomy.

  5. E.

    Transverse colostomy.



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