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A 46-year-old woman has had persistent heartburn and a feeling of acid regurgitation for 6 years, only partially controlled by antacids. She gives a 3-month history of progressive dysphagia and a feeling of food sticking in her throat substernally. An upper GI tract X ray series is performed and is shown as Figures 1–1 and 1–2. Esophagoscopy reveals a stricture in the distal esophagus; biopsy discloses only inflammatory tissue. Treatment should consist of:
  1. A.

    Bougie dilatation.

  2. B.

    Antireflux procedure.

  3. C.

    Weight loss and cimetidine.

  4. D.

    Dilatation and antireflux procedure.

  5. E.

    Esophageal resection with colon interposition.



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