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Mechanical Properties of Blood Vessels

  • Y. C. Fung


Blood vessels belong to the class of soft tissues discussed in Chapter 7. They do not obey Hooke’s law. Figure 7.5:1 in Chapter 7, Sec. 7.5 demonstrates the nonlinearity of the stress-strain relationship and the existence of hysteresis. They also creep under constant stress and relax under constant strain. These mechanical properties must have a structural basis. In Sec. 8.2 we shall consider the structure of the blood vessel wall and its correlation with the mechanical properties. From Sec. 8.3 on, however, our attention will be concentrated on the mathematical description of the mechanical properties. In Secs. 8.3–8.5 we formulate a quasi-linear viscoelastic theory for blood vessels, using the pseudo-elasticity concept introduced in Chapter 7. In Sec. 8.6 we discuss the use of arterial pulse waves as a means to determine the mechanical properties of arteries. In Secs. 8.7–8.9 we consider the mechanical properties of arterioles, capillary blood vessels, venules, and veins. Finally, in Sec. 8.10, we discuss the long-term response of blood vessels to stresses: their reaction to hypertension, growth, regeneration, and resorption.


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