The Biochemical Function of the Pulmonary Circulation

  • D. M. Geddes
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 3)


The majority of studies on the biochemical properties of the pulmonary circulation have concentrated on substances with short circulating half lives. This is partly a reflection of the physiological importance of pulmonary inactivation of compounds such as catecholamines, prostaglandins and 5-hydroxytryptamine and angiotensin-I, but is also due to the technical difficulties encountered when hormones with longer circulating lives are studied. This is because the lung receives the whole cardiac output, and so only very small arterio-venous differences will occur across the lung unless considerable metabolism takes place. This section concentrates on compounds with circulating half lives much longer than those of the vasoactive amines and in particular on polypeptide hormones and drugs. It is important to emphasise that the techniques are difficult and that much of the data presented is preliminary and needs confirmation by other workers before it can be fully accepted.


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