Coccidioidomycosis of Bone and Joints

  • Stanley C. Deresinski
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Infection of bone or joint is one of the most frequent manifestations of dissemination in coccidioidomycosis, occurring in approximately 20% of cases.1 Joas Furtado-Silveira, the second reported patient with coccidioidomycosis, had osteomyelitis of the tibia and the head of a metacarpal, both with sinus formation. In addition, one of his metacarpal-phalangeal joints was “thoroughly disorganized.” Several years after Furtado-Silveira’s death, Ophuls, upon writing the first review of coccidioidal granuloma, noted that 5 of the first 12 patients reported, including Furtado-Silveira, had musculoskeletal involvement.2 These cases were, however, almost certainly not the first instances of coccidioidal infection, osseous or otherwise. Recent roentgenographic examination of the 1800year-old bones of an Indian of the San Joaquin Valley of California, where the climate has not changed significantly in 10,000 years, revealed a lytic lesion of the patella as well as a “moth-eaten” lesion of the distal femur, both very likely due to Coccidioides immitis. 3


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