Photon Correlation Velocimetry

  • E R Pike
Part of the Nato Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 23)


Since the first use of laser scattering to measure flow velocity by Cummins and Yen1 in 1964 the subject has expanded continuously. The basic principle is very simple, one uses small particles, either naturally or artificially introduced into the flow, as light-scattering centres. If these particles have suitable characteristics which we shall discuss shortly, they will follow the flow faithfully and without interference and hence the light scattered in a given direction will have a time-dependent phase change related to the changing position of the particle. Using the geometry of Fig 5 of my introductory lecture the position of the scatterer is now \(\mathop r\limits_ \sim \left( t \right)\) and thus the scattered field behaves as
$${E^ + }\left( {\mathop K\limits_ \sim ,t} \right)\sim {e^{i\mathop K\limits_\sim \bullet \mathop r\limits_\sim \left( t \right)}} = {e^{i\mathop K\limits_\sim \bullet \left( {\mathop r\limits_{\sim \circ } + \int\limits_ \circ ^t {\mathop v\limits_\sim \left( t \right)dt} } \right)}}$$


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