Light Scattering Studies of Frequency-Dependent Transport Coefficients

  • P Lallemand
Part of the Nato Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 23)


In this lecture, I shall discuss a few points concerning the study by light scattering of the existence of frequency-dependent transport coefficients in fluids. This will be mainly a complement to the lectures that are included in the 1973 Capri book1, in which I gave a discussion of the light scattering spectra in a fluid that exhibits acoustical relaxation. I assumed that one could describe the phenomenological behaviour of such a fluid by considering that its bulk viscosity included a frequency-dependent part such that ηb = η + ηn / (1 + iωτ). Following Mountain2, I showed that this leads to an additional component in the polarized spectrum, which is centered at the laser frequency, and whose width is of the order of 1/τ. The experimental implications of that theory were then discussed by Ostrowsky3.


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