Statistical Properties of Scattered Radiation

  • P N Pusey
Part of the Nato Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 23)


Photomultiplier tubes which perform virtually ideal digital detection of electromagnetic radiation at visible frequencies are now widely available. The only sources of noise are a generally low dark count, typically a few counts per second, and the unavoidable shot noise due to the random (Poisson) nature of the detection process. The output of such detectors consists of a series of discrete pulses of charge, each corresponding to a single photodetection, which constitutes a Poisson process rate-modulated by variations in the incident intensity. Coincident with the development of these detectors has been the development of hardware based on integrated circuits which can perform errorless analysis of digital signals at frequencies up to about 108 Hz. Combination of these two technologies provides the techniques of photon correlation.1 (We will include the study of single-interval photon statistics in the generic term “photon correlation”.) With speed and accuracy close to the theoretical limit these techniques can be used to analyze fluctuating optical signals of any origin (provided the fluctuation time is ≳10−7 sec).


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