Static and Dynamic Correlations in Many-Electron Systems

In honour of Professor P.O. Löwdin’s 60th birthday
  • Stig Lundqvist


My first contact with correlation problems dates back to my first year as a graduate student in theoretical physics at Uppsala. My interest in theoretical physics was very much stimulated by Per-Olov Löwdin’s inspiring lectures and I started as a graduate student in 1949 just one year after he had published his remarkable thesis on the properties of ionic crystals. This breakthrough in the large-scale application of quantum mechanical methods to treat complicated solid state problems created for natural reasons a great excitement and had a strong influence on the research activities at the department over a long period. Professor Ivar Waller had already in the early forties been doing some pioneering work in the lattice dynamics of KC1 together with M. Iona and took a major interest in looking into the possibilities to study the lattice dynamics of ionic crystals starting from the quantum mechanical theory of the cohesive properties. Related to this idea was some very early work that he and Per-Olof Fröman, now professor in Uppsala, did to develop the theory of neutron diffraction as a method to studying phonons in solids. Alf Sjölander continued this line of research and later made fundamental contributions to the field. In this connection, however, I would like to recall some very early actual calculations he did on the scattering by an ionic solid, which I believe was done quite some time before any experimental data existed.


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