Advances in Knowledge of Viral Diseases of Fish

  • N. Fijan


This paper briefly reviews the highlights of progress on studies of viral diseases of fish during the last few years including some data from my own research. Although still incomplete in many respects and occasionally contradictory, the knowledge of causal agents, epizootiology, pathogenesis, histopathology, diagnosis and possibilities to control the acute viral diseases of cultivated salmonids and warmwater fishes has advanced considerably. Two new pathogenic entities, the pike fry rhabdovirus disease and the disease caused by Herpesvirus salmonis have been described recently. The chronic diseases of known or strongly suspected viral etiology which are economically not so harmful to cultured fish have received less attention.


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Diese Arbeit gibt einen kurzen Überblick uber Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Viruserkrankungen der Fische. Sie schliesst ausserdem einige Informationen x;.s der eigenen Forschung der vergangenen Jahre ein. Obwohl unsere Kenntnisse hinsichtlich der Erreger Epizootiologie, Pathogenese, Histopathologie, Diagnose un Bekämpfungsmöglichkeiten akuter Viruserkrankungen der Salmoniden un Warmwasserfische in Kult-.Ir viele Fragen unbeantwortet lassen, so wurden doch eining bedeutende Fortschritte gemacht. Zwei neue pathologische Einheiten sind unlangst beschrieben worden--die Hechtbrutrhabdoviruskrankheit und die Krankheit, verusacht durch Herpesvirus salmonis.


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  1. 1.Dept. Biology & Pathology of Fish & BeesVeterinary FacultyZagrebCroatia

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