Least Squares Methods of Analysis

II. Convolution and Data Optimization
  • B. K. Selinger
  • C. M. Harris
  • A. J. Kallir
Part of the NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 69)


In the first two contributions we have discussed the collection of single-photon decay data, which has been assumed undistorted by the excitation pulse — the assumption of a delta-pulse excitation. However, for decay times comparable in time-length to the excitation pulse this assumption is untrue, and we have an experimental result which is a convolution of the excitation pulse with the true decay function. The trick is then to extract the true decay from the experiment by using the excitation profile.


Excitation Pulse Pulse Profile Fluorescence Decay Curve Instrument Response Function Excitation Profile 
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  • B. K. Selinger
  • C. M. Harris
  • A. J. Kallir

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