Membrane Structure and Dynamics by Fluorescence Probe Depolarization Kinetics

  • R. E. Dale
Part of the NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 69)


...The correlation between chain order and chain mobility is notwell understood as yet, and it is thus important to keep the two concepts should also be obvious that the distinction between time-averaged structural parameters (such as order parameters) and dynamic parameters (such as relaxation times, correlation times and microviscosity) refers to membranes in general and is independent of the specific technique employed. This is also illustrated by fluorescence spectroscopy, where it has been realized only recently that the interpretation of fluorescence measurements exclusively in terms of microviscosity is incorrect, but that the fluorescence anisotropy is equally dependent on the ordering of the fluorescent probe in the membrane...


Newcastle Disease Virus Membrane System Rotational Relaxation Biexponential Decay Emission Anisotropy 
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