Questions of General Geomagnetobiology

  • A. P. Dubrov


In the preceding chapters we have given evidence for the possible role of the GMF in the vital activity of living organisms and have indicated the main methods that geomagnetobiologists use to detect and demonstrate the leading role of the GMF in biological processes occurring at different levels of organization of living matter. In the following chapters we shall consider the numerous and very diverse investigations carried out by scientists who have either specially studied the biological effect of the GMF, or have discovered its effect in an independent objective investigation of biological processes. Before turning to the account of these investigations however, we consider it essential to discuss the more general concepts of geomagnetobiology developed in our work, since only in this case can the reader acquire a complete picture of the biological action of the GMF from the complex and diverse, and at times apparently extraordinary and contradictory, mosaic of facts, observations, experiments, and hypotheses.


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