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Multiple Wave Interaction and Harmonic Generation in Laser Created Plasmas

  • J. L. Bobin
Part of the Nobel Symposium Committee (1976) book series (NOFS, volume 36)


The mechanisms leading to harmonic generation in inhomogeneous laser created plasmas are reviewed. After a description of classical and three-quanta processes, the role of Raman up-conversion is emphasized. The limitations due to the selection rule on k vectors are stated. In many cases the only way of getting rid of them comes from four wave processes. These have also the advantage of accounting for the asymetric broadening of the 2ωL and 3ωL/2 harmonics. Theoretical results are compared to experimental data6 Finally, the use of harmonic and subharmonic generation for laser plasma interaction and laser induced plasma flow diagnostics is discussed.


Harmonic Generation Critical Density Parametric Decay Transverse Oscillation Laser Plasma Interaction 
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  • J. L. Bobin
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  1. 1.C.E.A. - Centre d’Etudes de LimeilVilleneuve-Saint-GeorgesFrance

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