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Utilization of the Formalism of Lagrangian Variables for the Investigation of Some Nonlinear Plasma Physics Problems

  • L. M. Kovriznych
Part of the Nobel Symposium Committee (1976) book series (NOFS, volume 36)


A number of plasma physics phenomena may be sufficiently well described in the frame of a two-fluid hydrodynamic model. In particular for the collisionless plasma such an approximation can give a quite satisfactory description of the structure and character of propagation of waves when their energy exceeds the particle thermal energy density (cold plasma approximation), or in the case of a nonisothermal plasma (Te Ti), if we are interested in the phenomena which are not affected essentially by the fine structure of the particle distribution function.


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  • L. M. Kovriznych
    • 1
  1. 1.P. N. Lebedev Physics Institute of the USSR Academy of SciencesMoscowUSSR

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