Methodology of the Np237 Mössbauer Effect

  • W. L. Pillinger
  • J. A. Stone


A survey of the methodology and systematics of the Mössbauer Resonance of the 59.54-keV gamma ray in Np237 is presented. Nuclear properties pertinent to the analysis of hyperfine spectra are given. Chemical properties of neptunium are correlated with Experimental isomer shifts and quadrupole-coupling constants. Methods for the preparation of several useful sources and absorbers are given, and instrumentation is discussed. Some applications of the Np237 resonance include studies of bonding in neptunium compounds, observation of charge states after alpha decay, measurement of nuclear polarization, and determination of magnetic properties of neptunium-containing materials.


Isomer Shift Quadrupole Splitting Hyperfine Splitting Nuclear Polarization Velocity Spectrum 
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  • W. L. Pillinger
    • 1
  • J. A. Stone
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  1. 1.Savannah River LaboratoryE. I. du Pont de Nemours and CompanyAikenUSA

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