The Application of On-Line Computer Techniques to Mössbauer Spectroscopy

  • R. H. Goodman


The use of multi-channel pulse-height analysis equipment for obtaining Mössbauer spectra is a well established technique. The transducer is operated in a constant-acceleration mode and the total spectrum is scanned at a rate of a few cycles per second. This paper discusses the use of a small on-line computer for obtaining Mössbauer spectra. The techniques are in some ways similar to those employed for multichannel analyzers, but the on-line computer offers increased flexibility. The on-line computer system has been developed over a period of two years in our laboratory, and various techniques for interfacing the Mössbauer spectrometer and computer have been tried. The relative advantages of each technique are discussed., and a system which rims three Mössbauer spectrometers, time-sharing the same computer, is described. This paper presents the problems in interfacing a specific computer, the Digital Equipment PDP8, but the techniques may be applied to computers of other manufacturers. Details of the interface for the PDP8 are given.


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