The Interacting Boson Fermion Model and Some Applications

  • O. Scholten
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 10)


In the IBA model, collective states in even-even nuclei are described in terms of a system of interacting s- and d-bosons. This model can be extended to odd-A nuclei by coupling the degrees of freedom of the odd nucleon to the system of bosons1. In general, the Hamiltonian for this coupled system can be written as
$$H\, = \,{H_B}\, + \,{H_F}\, + \,{H_{BF}}\,,$$
where HB is the usual IBA Hamiltonian which describes the system of s- and d-bosons, and HF is the Hamiltonian of the odd particle. Since only a single odd particle is coupled to the bosons, it is sufficient to consider only the one-body part of HF
$${H_F} = \,\mathop \sum \limits_{jm} \,{\varepsilon _j}\,a_{jm}^\dag \,{a_{jm}}\,.$$
Here, as well as in the following, the summation index j runs over.the shell model orbits in the valence shell, and εj represents the single particle energy.


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