Calcium Regulating Hormones and Hormone-Like Peptides Participate in Brain Control of Behaviour

  • A. Pecile
  • C. Netti
  • F. Guidobono
  • V. Sibilia
  • P. Bettica
  • F. Pagani
  • I. Villa
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 184)


In recent years a number of experimental data have suggested that calcium regulating hormones and hormone-like peptides participate in brain control of behaviour. The peptides directed by the calcitonin gene have been particularly thoroughly studied but immunoreactive PTH material has also been discovered in the brain and has also been suggested to be a neuromodulator within the nervous system. We will consider first the peptides directed by the calcitonin gene and then the brief story of IR PTH in the CNS.


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