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Chemistry was the most dynamic division in the installation of the information system, since the number of stat and expedite specimens arriving after morning blood drawing exceeded the total am pickups. This volume implied a huge workload, which was unscheduled yet expected to be completed in less than two hours. Solving this problem required the integration of chemistry instrumentation and working schedules to put together a new package sufficient to meet the demands for service. Our chemistry operation utilizes a SMAC, ACA, GEMSAEC, 4 + 2 Autoanalyzer, 4 dual Autoanalyzers, and atomic absorption equipment, along with some special stat single-item testing devices that are maintained around the clock. Through the coordination of these devices, the computer, and chemistry staff, it is possible to create a tremendously responsive unit with very high through-put. Using this approach, however, requires a very high dependency on technology. Training and coordination must be maintained at a very high level to keep mechanical up-time on a day-to-day basis acceptable.


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