Ethanol Induced Changes on in Vitro Protein Synthesis during the Development and Maturation of Brain Tissue

  • S. Tewari
  • S. Crain


Decreased protein synthesis in a cell free system of brain has been reported for male adult rats following chronic ethanol ingestion. To assess the developmental and maturational changes occurring in the neonatal brain, the effects of pre- and postnatal maternal ingestion of ethanol were determined. For these studies young female rats were given a 10% w/v ethanol/water solution for varying periods after impregnation and seven days post pregnancy. Data showed that maternal ethanol ingestion produced a large deficit in the in vitro incorporation of (14C) leucine into the hot TCA extractable residue of ribosomes of neonatal brain. Maximum inhibition was obtained when ethanol was given postnatally. To determine the molecular sites of ethanol’s action, ribosomes and pH 5 enzymes from the adult and neonatal brain were examined. Data showed that the highest activity was obtained with control neonatal brain enzymes and ribosomal fractions.


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  • S. Tewari
    • 1
  • S. Crain
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior Alcohol Research CenterUniversity of CaliforniaIrvineUSA

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