Stationary SRS Regimes in the Fields of Ultrashort Pulses

  • T. M. Makhviladze
  • M. E. Sarychev
Part of the Proceedings (Trudy) of the P. N. Lebedev Physics Institute book series (LPIS, volume 99)


It is established that in ultrashort pulsed strong fields there are produced unique stationary SRS regimes that are not accompanied by amplification (SRS solitons). It is shown that, depending on the dispersion properties of the medium and on the initial conditions, different soliton regimes are realized — both single pulses and periodic trains. The influence of the relaxation processes on the propagation of SRS solitons and the stability of the soliton regimes to the action of small perturbations of various types are investigated. The results are applicable to the case of two-photon resonant absorption of pulses of different frequencies.


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  • T. M. Makhviladze
  • M. E. Sarychev

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