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Nutrition may be defined simply as the process by which an organism takes in and assimilates food. As such, it involves the ingestion, digestion, absorption, and transport of various nutrients to body cells where the elements of foods are transformed into body tissues and activities. Nutrition also encompasses the removal of excess nutrients and unused metabolites. Thus it is a complex biological science and, like other sciences that deal with a biological species, it is an inexact science because of the natural variability among individuals of a given species. Also, nutritional requirements are affected by sex, feed intake, energy density of the diet, interactions of nutrients in the diet, availability of nutrients to the fish, presence of toxins or mold in the diet, expected level of performance, desired carcass composition, and environmental factors. In addition, the aquatic animal nutritionist is further constrained because fish live in an environment where dissolved substances, including excretory products, may affect nutrient requirements.


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