Nutrition Problems in the Weaning Period — The Contribution of the Food Industry

  • George A. Purvis
Part of the Nutrition and Food Science book series (NFS, volume 3)


The infant food industry has a responsibility to provide the most favorable nutrition for infants compatible with the need of each individual infant regardless of the location or situation of that infant. Advantages of existing feeding circumstances should be utilized, and every effort made to compliment and not compete with those beneficial foods. Breast-feeding provides the best and most contemporary example. Breast-feeding is recognized as the preferred feeding for infants. After the infant reaches an age and size that nutrients from breast milk are no longer adequate, there is a need for supplementation with other suitable foods. This is the place for the contribution of the food industry. Supplementary foods, judiciously selected in reasonable quantity, can provide support for breast feeding for an extended period. Normal infants, under normal feeding circumstances, provide the basis for this statement, and special needs, both the infant’s and mother’s, require separate consideration.


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