Drug Addiction, Chronic Alcoholism and liver Function with Reference to Protein Metabolism

  • H. A. von Köhn
Part of the Nutrition and Food Science book series (NFS, volume 3)


Disorders of liver function with subsequent impairment of protein metabolism are frequent in drug addicts and alcoholics. In both groups of subjets the liver is in danger to become damaged either by infection with hepatitis virus type B or Non A- Non B or by the toxic effect of alcohol, respectively. Nutritional influences such as under — or malnutrition may act in addition. Since drug abuse and alcoholism often are combined, a combination of Virushepatitis, alcohol toxic liver damage and malnutrition may be expected. In such cases both liver damage and disorders of protein metabolism will be more severe.


Protein Metabolism Drug Metabolise Enzyme Drug Addict Protein Deficiency Chronic Alcoholism 
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