Long-Term Development in an Area with a High Incidence of Gastric Cancer

  • Stanislav Hejda
Part of the Nutrition and Food Science book series (NFS, volume 3)


In collaboration with Křikava, Ošancová and other members of the Institute of Human Nutrition in Prague we investigated at the beginning of the fifties the diet, nutritional and health status of the population in an area with a high incidence of gastric disease, in particular gastric cancer. Research on this subject was stimulated by a report of a health community doctor / general practitioner from Southern Bohemia who drew attention to the strikingly high incidence of gastric disease in his health community, in particular peptic ulcer and gastric cancer. The views of this physician were based on his subjective impressions and not on comparison with other areas. Our preliminary findings were from the very onset so interesting that we decided to investigate the above in detail and asked about ten other, mostly non-medical departments to cooperate.


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