Therapy of Obesity

  • E. Deutsch
  • K. Bauer
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Weight reduction is only possible if energy input is lower than energy output. Without any doubt the average daily central European diet contains more calories than necessary for basal metabolism plus performance of work. Theoretically, a constant surplus of 75 calories per day (i.e., 28 g white bread or 51 g veal) leads to an increase in weight of 4.5 kg per year or 45 kg in 10 years1. Uptake of isocaloric diet in respect of energy need should therefore avoid development of obesity, while moderately hypocaloric food intake should lead to weight reduction. This simple solution of the obesity problem is hindered by two facts: first: life following calorie-tables which thus balances body weight is routinely inpracticable, and second: the body is able to adapt its calorie-balance on lower intake by better utilization of the food1 Therefore the average weight reduction per day decreases during a prolonged low-caloriediet.


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