Flat Rolled Beta Titanium Alloys for Airframe Application

  • G. A. Lenning
  • W. H. Heil


Design considerations in the selection of titanium sheet alloys have always centered on mechanical properties and past experience at the expense of producibility and part cost. Beta titanium alloys offer an often overlooked opportunity of increased producibility in the form of cold rolled sheet and strip products which has a related effect on cost and product availability. Minimum thickness and maximum length exceed that of cross rolled alpha-beta type alloys. High quality foil in long sheet lengths in coil form is easily produced from beta alloys. Cold formability of parts is also easier than for alpha-beta alloys, if the elusive spring-back problems can be controlled. Other beta alloy sheet potentials are minimum directionality in a wide variety of available heat treatments and property combinations.


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  • G. A. Lenning
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  • W. H. Heil
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  1. 1.Titanium Metals Corporation of AmericaTorontoUSA

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