Non-Destructive Inspection of Titanium Jet Engine Disks

  • F. J. Vicki


Pratt & Whitney Aircraft has incorporated titanium alloy for critical jet engine components for more than 15 years. The extensive service experience accumulated during this period has proved that strict material processing controls and inspections are necessary to insure material quality. A continued effort to improve both phases of the fabrication process has been required. In addition to the improvements in nondestructive inspection methods and process controls, a material record system has been established which permits tracing any parts complete history from the fabrication of the sponge to the finished engine component. This system has been instrumental in locating defective components with contaminated material. It has also been a tool for locating trouble spots in the fabricating process. When several components have the same defect they can usually be traced to one common operation. A detailed study can then be made of the operation and a rapid solution can be achieved.


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