General Laws of Propagation of Elastic Waves in Crystals

  • Fedor I. Fedorov


The laws of propagation of elastic waves in crystals follow from the general equations of motion derived in section 3 for an elastically deformed medium . Here the force of gravity may be neglected, so we may use (3.10)


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  1. A relation is covariant if both parts are in a form from which it is obvious that they change identically in response to coordinate transformation.Google Scholar
  2. Musgrave [13] has used the form of (19.28) to construct a general theory of elastic waves in crystals, but this is inapplicable even to a crystal as important as quartz.Google Scholar
  3. Of course, (19.22) and (19.25) are now not obeyed, since the coordinate axes have been chosen in another way.Google Scholar

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