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Delayed Consequences of Endothelial Removal from Rabbit Aortae

  • Theodore H. Spaet
  • Choo Rhee
  • Charlene Geiger
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 102)


One year after de-endothelialization of rabbit aorta by a balloon catheter, the damaged areas show arteriosclerotic thickening. In the study described here, aortae from six rabbits were examined 2 years after the single injury. Three had advanced atherosclerotic lesions. All the animals had been fed standard rabbit chow, and the five tested did not have hypercholesterolemia when they were sacrificed. Apparently vascular injury alone is sufficient basis for development of atherosclerotic disease in the rabbit.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Theodore H. Spaet
    • 1
  • Choo Rhee
    • 1
  • Charlene Geiger
    • 1
  1. 1.Hematology Division, Department of MedicineMontefiore Hospital and Medical Center, and the Albert Einstein College of MedicineBronxUSA

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