Scheduling Warehouse Operations

  • Kenneth B. Ackerman


Perhaps the biggest drain on productivity in most warehouses is the “hurry up and wait” syndrome popularly associated with the military. One example is the unloading of a truckload of floor-loaded bags of product at a warehouse. There are at least three alternative loading methods. First, two men may work in the truck to palletize the freight for a lift driver who removes the loaded pallets. Second, a single man may load the pallets, receiving assistance as needed from the fork-lift driver who is transporting the pallets. Third, a single man could work the truck alone, equipped with either a lift truck or a pallet jack to remove loaded pallets. The third method eliminates lost time because there is no need for anybody to be waiting for anyone else. With the first method it is likely that the two workers will sometimes be waiting for the lift driver. With the second method the man in the truck will have no work to do if the lift truck driver is delayed in returning.


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