Practical Feeding—Crawfish

  • Edwin H. Robinson


Freshwater crayfish (family Astacidae), or crawfish as they are called commercially, are found throughout the world. There are more than 300 species of crawfish worldwide and more than 100 species in the United States. Crawfish are consumed in the south-central United States, primarily Louisiana, and in many areas of Europe. Two groups are cultured in the United States, Procambarus sp. and Orconectes sp. The red or red swamp crawfish (P. clarkii) (Figure 12.1) and the white or white river crawfish (P. acutus) are the primary species cultivated in the United States. The red crawfish is normally predominant, but the white crawfish may occur in greater numbers in some areas. Although the common names of these two species imply differences in habitat, environmental and biological requirements of the two species are similar. Unless otherwise indicated, crawfish will refer to these two species.


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