Structuralism and the Divided American Thought: A Short Glossary of Terms

  • Benjamin Gal-Or


Most Americans associate philosophy with eggheaded professors and boring books that are practically powerless and time-wasting. Their common misuse of the word “philosophy” papers over the broad range of contradictory philosophical views which actually govern their society but are nevertheless subterranean and hidden from superficial examination. The pervasive domination of their hidden philosophy cannot be easily detected. The easiest to detect is a strong and pervasive antiphilosophical attitude, a hostile attitude which has prevented the cultivation and recognition of a “formal philosophy”. Beneath the surface their philosophy does not advance much, but it does not disappear either. Above the surface it is often associated with such diverse “schools” and “slogans” as pragmatism, idealism,subjective idealism, positivism, neo-Kantianism, logical positivism, logical empiricism, scientific empiricism, structuralism, physicalism, existentialism and more recently, especially among young people, with nihilism, neo-anarchism, hedonism, syndicalism, the “New Left”, neo-nationalism (including militant black nationalism) and cryptofacism (including the Ku Klux Klan revivals).


Scientific Empiricism Exact Science Logical Positivist Logical Empiricism Vienna Circle 
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