Experimental Techniques for the Study of Statistically Distributed Defects

  • Jochen R. Schneider
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Because phonon energies \(\hbar \omega \sim kT \sim 5x{10^{ - 4}}\) to 0.5 eV cannot beresolved in x-ray scattering experiments until now, inelastic scattering experiments are best performed with neutrons and are not discussed in this lecture. For the application of neutron diffraction techniques to the study of disordered crystals we would like to refer to a recent review article by Schmatz [1], which includes a presentation of recent results from neutron small angle scattering, and diffuse elastic scattering by nonmagnetic crystals as well as scattering by disordered magnetic systems.


Point Defect Displacement Field Bragg Peak Diffuse Scattering Mosaic Structure 
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