Defects and Their Detectability

  • J. R. Patel
Part of the Nato Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 63)


The Lang X-ray topographic method [1] has played a central role in the characterization of defects in crystals both in the as drown and processed state. Following its introduction and widespread use a large body of information has been gathered on the morphology and topology of defects. The main emphasis has been on line and planar defects and precipitates. In what follows we will confine our attention to the three major topics outlined below. (1) Problems associated with the interpretation of line and planar defects in crystals. (2) Impurity clustering or precipitation and its effect on X-ray anomalous transmission and X-ray diffuse scattering. (3) Point defects in which we discuss epitaxial crystals and recently developed techniques using X-ray standing waves for lattice location of impurity atoms.


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