Reflection Topography: Panel Discussion

  • R. W. Armstrong
Part of the Nato Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 63)


In order to stimulate interest in the technique and applications of reflection topography and to discuss problems of contrast in this method, a general panel discussion was held at the Advanced Study Institute. R.W. Armstrong was the chairman and D.K. Bowen assisted in the preparation of this report. The panel members included A.Authier, U.Bonse, D.K.Bowen, J.Chikawa, J.Gronkowski, M.Hart, W.Hartmann, N.Kato, A.R.Lang, E.S.Meieran, J.R.Patel, M.Sauvage and B.K.Tanner.The discussion was carried on with questions and comments from individual members of the audience also.


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