Dynamic Functional Mapping of the Brain Cortex by Its Infrared Radiation

  • Igor A. Shevelev
  • Eugeny N. Tsicalov
  • Alexander M. Gorbach
  • Konstantin P. Budko
  • George A. Sharaev


About 30 years ago a new method of functional brain mapping—toposcopy or electroencephaloscopy—based on multichannel electroencephalogram (EEG) recording was introduced practically simultaneously in two laboratories: in Moscow (Livanov and Ananjev, 1960) and in Bristol (Walter, 1963). For that time, this pioneer study had the advantages of high flexibility and dynamics in spatial organization of the cortex activity, but it unfortunately did not influence profoundly the level and approaches of cortical neurophysiology. It must be noted that only recently have computer techniques of EEG mapping given new life to their approach.


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  • Igor A. Shevelev
  • Eugeny N. Tsicalov
  • Alexander M. Gorbach
  • Konstantin P. Budko
  • George A. Sharaev

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